The 4th Session of the Sunyani West Municipal Assembly made up of 55 members has been inaugurated with a call on the members to be selflessness, devotion to duty, a very accountable stewardship and their ability to represent the needs of the people to guide development that will ultimately improve on their quality of life as required of them by the people they are representing.
The membership consists of 38 elected, 17 government appointees, the Municipal Chief Executive and The Member of Parliament.
Mr. Kodwo Agyenim Boateng, the Bono Regional Member of the Council of State who inaugurated the Assembly in a ceremony at the forecourt of the Assembly highlighted the role and mandate of the members and tasked them to mobilize their constituents for community development.
He said government is determined to deepen the local government concept and advised the assembly members to be abreast with the Local Government Act to deliver effectively on their mandate.
He urged the members to bury their differences and contribute to discussions devoid of partisanship to ensure the development of the municipality and create innovative ways of mobilizing the needed resources for the development within their areas.
Mr. Kodwo Agyenim advised the members to maintain close contact with the electoral area, consult the people on issues to be discussed in the Municipal Assembly; collate their views, opinions, and proposals; and take part in communal development activities as enshrined in section 16 (1) of ACT 936.
Mr. Evans Kusi Boadum, the Municipal Chief Executive in his address mentioned that Ghana’s decentralization policy has been hailed as one of the best initiatives In Africa as it deepens grassroot participation in the decision-making process our local government system.
According to him, the basis of decentralization programme is for devolution of power to the door-steps of the people through the various MMDAs for the administration of their respective localities to improve the living conditions of the people.
Mr. Kusi Boadum reaffirm the assembly’s commitment to serving the interests of the people with integrity, transparency and accountability and called on the members to embrace diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the valuable contributions of every member of our community

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